Tips for Lips

Lip Exfoliation
That’s exactly right! You MUST exfoliate your lips frequently to prepare the lips for a smooth application of lip color.
Caution should be used so as not to irritate the lip skin.
The goal here is to de-flake and smooth, not strip. 
Directions: Take an extra clean tooth brush (soft bristle preferably like oral b), and gently brush the lips. This can be done both in the morning and at bedtime. Another option is a small loofah-like sponge such as a buff puff, or even a rough textured wash cloth softened with warm water. Using olive oil, or any lip treatment cream that is highly emollient, spread a layer on your lips and buff the lips gently. Take cotton pads dipped in water, squeeze out the excess, and pat dry. Apply a generous amount of lip balm, lip treatment balm, or cream before retiring in the evening. Your lips will feel cared for.