Stunning White Nail Designs to Try

By now, you probably know that there are distinct ways to accessorize your fingertips. Ranging from French manicure to polka dots, the list of the possible designs is endless. But have you ever wondered how your nails would look like if you gave them the look of a blank canvas? Well, this design can be achieved by trying out a white manicure. The design you seek can be found in almost all sorts of nail polish brands, as most of them have a white color for those who desire a chicer look. Even nail powder polishes such as Kiara sky nails, SNS, and DND nail polish, among others, have a white color to suit your needs. All you need is to cruise through the available nail colors, and you will not lack a white dip powder color from your favorite dip powder brands like SNS or a gel color from your favorite gel brand colors like DND gel polish colors to give you a look you desire.

White and Gold Nails

White nails are just fine but adding a twist of gold makes them more admirable. The design relies on perfect cut-outs to produce the desired manicure. Furthermore, you can achieve the design and more depth by introducing a baby pink detail. The boho-inspired design can also be achieved by using just two colors. If you have been looking for a fancy event design like a wedding or photoshoot, this design will give you an unmatched allure.

Black and White Design

For the lovers of a combo, this is a perfect design to bring out the best in them. You can have it on during the day at the office or in the evening with your friends. With a 60’s mod inspiration, you have at your disposal a design that is not only funky but also easy to catch the attention of your friends and colleagues. All you need is to furnish your nails with white color, then use a black polish around the nail edges to draw a thin border. Make sure to separate the nails into two distinct sections. You can have the pattern on a single finger or all the nails. Making the design is comfortable and time-saving.

White French Tips With Pearl

Even french tips can be improved by adding a little twist to give you an exquisite and chic look ore than you have ever desired. The design will also give your nails a stunning and subtle pearl that fits incredibly with any outfit and occasion. Furthermore, the design uniquely elevates your cuticles to give you a chichi look.

Pink and White Design

This design is best for those who love pink colors and geometric designs. However, anyone can try it because the purple and pink lines drawn across the nailbeds make it uniquely dashing. Besides, the design is flexible as you can try other colors like bright blue or even grey for the best results. Additionally, the design gives you a trendy look because the twist on the white nails makes them exciting.

White Nail Design with Stars

Have you been looking for a nail design that will make you look more audacious? Well, the white nail design with stars gives you the stunning night sky look that will make everyone envious. The twist you give to your nails using the pastel shades and white color is unlike anything you have ever experienced. However, you should go for colors like mint, coral, or baby blue because they not only stand out but also give you a classic look to rock any event. If you wish for a more captivating look, place stars across the ring and middle finger, and the results will be baffling.

Blue and White Nails

Powder blue is an award-winning color that has been trending the whole of this season. The design does not only look elegant on everyone, but it is also time-saving. It is a way to do away with complexity and go for a simple design with a surprisingly unique look. All you need is two distinct pastel blue colors and a white shade to recreate the design. Make sure to use different hues on each nail. The colors are great for summer under a clear blue sky and friends all around you.


Sometimes, you have to pull a few tricks to achieve your goal. The same philosophy applies in manicures, where adding a few twists will give you the elegance you ever wanted. If you want to have model nails, white nail designs are the best. They can be worn on all high-end occasions, and they mostly look great on almost everyone. You only have to be bold enough to rock that party with these mouth-watering designs. Win back the hearts of your friends and family by going for stunning nail designs such as white and silver nails, red and white nails, simple white nails, or white with glitter nails.