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FaceFacts by Lori
As a little girl, Lori Hoffmann sat in front of the mirror and played with
make-up. She developed a knack for applying color and enhancing the
looks of those around her. She has been a make-up artist for the women in her
Long Island community since 1994, which allowed her to raise her family of 6
Her passion grew into a professional career, creating
a unique color cosmetic line using the highest quality,
natural ingredients that also provide tangible functional
Hoffmann founded FACEFACTS by Lori, Inc. in 2004
in Woodmere, New York; she joined ICMAD in 2006,
and launched her products in 2008 with three employees.
ICMAD has provided knowledge, support, information
and resources. As an entrepreneur working
alone, I depend upon ICMAD to guide me as if I have
my own in-house experts, she says.
Currently there are 14 products, including eight shades
of Lipfacts Lipsticks and six shades of Lipfacts Lip
We are still in start-up mode, Hoffmann says because
defining naturals is still in flux. FACEFACTS by Lori,
Inc. believes that beauty and health should be holistic, and any product you apply
to the body should be as pure as possible. Products are created by Hoffmann
to meet the strictest natural standards and works with an expert chemist to
formulate ingredients.
FACEFACTS by Lori, Inc. is currently planning product offerings in
other beauty care categories, including; EYEFACTS, CHEEKFACTS,
The company is seeking regional and national distributors/sales representatives
to expand the business. Right now, sales are through its e-commerce sites and
its own website ( where Tips for Lips are offered
and detailed information on how its products are made.
Women want healthy beauty products. They deserve luxurious natural products
made with integrity. The company lives by its slogan, Naturally Elegant.
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