Are You Suffering from Sensitive Scalp Issues? No Problem, Anymore!

Many of us have sensitive skin type, which leads to several common medical problems. Mainly the skin results in high inflammation or dangerous reactions when coming in contact with any external product. While choosing the sensitive skin or hair product, we recommend seeking the doctor help first. Often when you apply any beauty product after reading the review, it may cause a burning sensation. To avoid such conditions, you have to be very careful.

sensitive scalp issues

What Causes Irritation or Scalp Problems?

Not always, the products affect your skin. There are varied factors that lead a skin or scalp reactions. Often scalp diagnosis have found bacteria and dandruff grow because of the following reasons:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bad diet conditions
  • Deficiency in vitamins
  • Excess salt intake
  • Pollution
  • Chlorine in Water   

Treatments Through Medicines

If you are visiting the doctors, they will check the amount of your skin sensitivity. Then they might prescribe you the medications accordingly. There are specific steroid creams, which are used on the face that helps in itching reduction.

Again, oral antihistamine or analgesic lotions or creams are used to relieve the burning sensation.  Even they help an individual recover from allergies that might have caused due to any cream or spray usage.

Dermatologists have also referred to the scalp of the individuals, often results in irritation. Excessive rashes or itchiness may convert it to various scalp diseases. Psoriasis, hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. are a few common names you may hear due to sensitive scalps. For these conditions, you may use the best psoriasis shampoos, which have no parabens, sulfates, etc.

Home Remedies

Along with the best shampoos and conditioners for sensitive scalps, you should try a few natural methods. This is a very soothing organic way that can help your skin to glow and do not cause irritation at all. Even if you are facing any sensitive issue with the skin, you can use these tips to get some instant relief.

  • You can warm 3-4 tbsp of olive oil. Then gently massage it all over your hair and scalp. We always advise our readers to apply products on their elbow first then on the scalp. Keep this oil for around 30 minutes before taking a bath. With a nice medicated shampoo, you may rinse it.
  • Oatmeal is impressive for locking the hydration and maintaining the ph level of the skin. You can prepare a mask for preventing dryness on your scalp.
  • Take oatmeal and put it inside a fine cloth, preferably muslin. Now you can hold it under running water, which is lukewarm. You need to use the lukewarm oatmeal water on your scalp.
  • If you have dandruff in your sensitive scalp, then you can try the lemongrass oil DIY mask. You either can warm it and use it on the skin or may use its natural temperature.
  • Again, for treating the skin rashes or allergies, use the peppermint oil. This is highly oxidant and has healing benefits. The cooling effect of the mint can soothe the skin itchiness faster.

Few Precaution Tips

Individuals who are trying to minimize the skin or scalp sensitivity issues should follow these small tricks:

  • Reduce your bathing time. It means go for short duration showers for 10-15 minutes, and it should not exceed.
  • Do not use too much hot or cold water
  • While selecting the best shampoos for sensitive scalps, check whether they are fragrance and chemical-free
  • Try patting the scalp gently while bathing and do not rub the shampoo or hair cleansers

Individuals with sensitive skin or scalp should always keep track of the products that they are using. This will help them to understand which product may cause irritation or skin issues. However, consulting a hair expert or therapist is always best before using any products on sensitive skin.