Treat yourself to our premium, color rich, luxurious textured, color cosmetics made with all natural and certified organic ingredients. Realize that lip products are ingested, and you deserve a healthy alternative.

* No Animal Testing * Recyclable Packaging * Contains Mineral Pigments * Parabens Free *
* No Mineral Oil * No Petrolatum * No Certified Dyes and Lakes * No Lead *

100% Natural, color-rich, longwearing, ultra emollient formulation in shades ranging from natural beiges and browns to vivid plum and burgundy. The creamy base conditions lips and provides a stay-put stain. Botanical ingredients provide nourishing moisturizers, smoothing waxes, non-greasy oils, and vitamins.
Our White Stick contains a high brilliance and iridescence which customizes the other shades when applied beneath or on top. 
Gently scented with Ylang Ylang.

These naturally derived color pencils are made from sustainably harvested California Cedar Wood.  Before applying our lipstick, use the pencil to outline and define your lip shape, as well as to prevent the lipstick from fading, bleeding, or feathering. Also use the pencil to fill-in the lips as a base coat before applying the lipstick for longer lasting coverage.