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Healthy Color for Lips

FACEFACTS by Lori, Inc., has just launched a new brand of all natural luxury color cosmetics for the lips, called Facefacts. Formulated with organic ingredients, dermatologist tested, and packaged in eco-friendly materials, the collection is the result of efforts by creator, Lori Hoffman, a makeup artist, to provide color for lips that is natural and healthy, and respects the environment in which we live. According to Hoffman, who refers to the line as “naturally elegant,” the collection of six lipstick shades and six lipliner shades, features the gentle scent of ylang-ylang, contains botanical moisturizers, vitamins, and smoothing waxes, and provides a stay put finish without feathering.

Face Facts Lipfacts Group Shot

The lipstick shades include Soft Autumn, Bronze Shimmer, Raisin, Berry Mauve, Almond Cream, Plum Brandy, Passion Fruit and Ivory Frost. The Ivory Frost lipstick changes the tone when applied over another shade, adds shimmer to the lips when used alone, and is also a hi-lighter. The lipliners are available in Mocha, Praline, Hazelnut, Plum, Wine and Cranberry. Hoffman says, ‘I want women to know that I respect them and the environment and the world we live in. I want to bring a truly luxurious all natural line of makeup to women who share the same values and expectations for products of integrity and quality.” Lipfacts Lipstick retails for $19.50 and Lipfacts lipliner retails for $16.50.

Lip Facts Lip Liner

As the demand for premium quality ingredients increases across categories, consumers are being particularly mindful of products applied to the lips and face, where skin is most sensitive and permeable. Perhaps this is indeed, the era of the Egalitarian Lip, where consumers seeking healthy, not to mention kissable lips, also desire performance, added values, and accessible luxury at all price points across the category spectrum. Clearly, lip care’s status is differentially defined, as it means a myriad of things to different women, at different times. Treatment and anti-aging, colors, sheers and neutrals, vivid mattes, cremes, sparkling glosses, sun protection, and nourishing hydration, each benefit, at any price point, supports the product’s significance in an age of abundant and innovative skin care solutions. It is not mere lip service to say gorgeous shades and smooth, exfoliated lips will continue to remain at the center of overall beauty and wellness regimens for generations to come.