Our Mission

FACEFACTS BY LORI, INC. is a branded producer of all natural, luxury color cosmetics made with as many organic ingredients as can be sourced. Based in Woodmere, New York, the company was founded by professional make-up artist Lori Hoffmann who, through years of market scanning, recognized a need for a truly luxurious and colorful line of all natural cosmetics.

At FACEFACTS BY LORI, INC. your health and beauty are our priority. Our view of beauty and health is holistic. Any product that you eat or apply to your body should be as pure as possible. Use our superior products to reveal and celebrate your inner beauty while helping you look your best. We strive to delight you by listening to you, and by delivering a degree of quality and value few people expect from a 100% natural beauty product. Whatever it takes to gain and retain your trust and loyalty, we will do.

FACEFACTS BY LORI, Inc. is staffed by real people who endeavor to respect the planet and all its inhabitants through engaging in socially responsible practices and processes, thereby minimizing our ecological footprint and enhancing our environment for generations to come.

About our Founder, Lori Hoffmann

Lori was the little girl who sat in front of the mirror and played with make-up at a very early age. Armed with her own “bag of tricks”, Lori developed a knack for applying color and enhancing the looks of those around her. This passion for color cosmetics has grown over the years as she trained in New York City as a professional make-up artist, her current profession. Lori started her career as a pre-school teacher where she channeled her creative talents to teach and inspire young children to grow and think for themselves.

She has honed these teaching skills while devoting over 10 years to raising a family of 5 sons and a daughter. Always a student of beauty color palettes, and an active participant in the growing natural products trend, Lori has committed her vision, resources, and talents to create a unique color cosmetic line using the highest quality, all natural ingredients that also provide tangible functional benefits.