How to DIY a Dip Powder Manicure like Salon Professionals

It is the dream of every person to get a transformative manicure that makes one a luscious pearl and everyone’s object of desire. Such manicures remained an illusion for the better part of history until dip powders were discovered. At the time of their historical discovery, the popularity of gels and acrylics was unmatched. After almost four decades, the formulas used in dip powders were revised and improved, providing the manicure with the ability to last longer, strengthen the nails, and eliminate the pungent smell, and use skin-nourished components. Also, different dip powder nail kits such as SNS powder colors and OPI dip nails were introduced. It is due to these upgrades that dip powder designs have engraved their alluring effects into the hearts of manicure lovers.

Visiting salons and having to wait on long queues has become nearly impossible. However, it is possible to enjoy a dip powder manicure without visiting a nail parlor. You only need to know how to DIY. This article proves that you can beat the professionals in their games by harnessing the elegance and perfection of dip manicures at the comfort of your home.

Applying a dip powder manicure involves dipping the nails into the powder jar and then dusting the excess powder. Pretty easy, right? However, you need to sharpen your skills by learning a few tricks when using an at-home kit. Primarily, dip powders are made up of a resin (glue) and a polymer (powder) that creates a strong bond and a stylish manicure with different colors. Even steady hands are not needed in the application of dip powder manicures, which makes them an easy at-home DIY option.

The steps DIY a Dip Powder Manicure like Salon Professionals

Prep the Nails

Every manicure requires the nails to be prepped. First, clean your hands and nails and wipe them using a clean towel. File them into the shape of your choice. Use a nail polish remover to cleanse the nails by eliminating any excess oil on the surfaces.    

Dip the Nails

Apply a layer of resin on the nail plate. Dip the nails into the container with colored powders. Apply another resin layer on top. Be easy with the resin and avoid applying it on the skin to prevent chipping. Avoid adding too much of it that would accumulate on the sides of the nails. It would be best if you didn’t walk around with bulky nails.

Apply the Activator

Once done with the second resin layer, seal the OPI dip powder onto the nails by applying a thin layer of activator that acts as UV light without the carcinomatous rays. Depending on the products being used and the color intensity of your choice, you can repeat the second and third steps at least twice.  

Apply the Top Coat

You need to finish up your manicure with a topcoat that brings out the perfection you are yearning for. The layer gives the nails a shiny look and ensures that they do not easily chip off. It also results in more extended wear.

How to Apply a Dip Powder Manicure Even When You Suck At It

Maybe you fancy the geometric lines, gradients, or the flower designs, but your DIY skills suck. You can still achieve a salon class manicure by going for nails stickers. The nails sticker application tool kit contains the nail polish remover pads, nail buffer, emergency board, and the cuticle remover and pusher.

Prep the Nails

File the nails to your desired shape. Gently push back the cuticle and buff the nail bed. Use a nail polish remover pad to wipe and get rid of excess oils.

Apply the Nail Sticker

Please remove the transparent film, casing the strip or sticker by detaching it from the backing paper. You can get more sizing options by removing the tabbed end. There are 16 size options per hand. You should begin with the pinkies and advance to the thumbs. Align the sticker’s rounded ends with the nail cuticle. Ensure complete nail coverage from base to top by smoothing the sticker.

Stretch the Stickers and Crease the Overhanging Ones

Once the stickers entirely rest on the nail beds stretch them horizontally or vertically. Any sticker hanging over the nails should be creased and then filed. The stickers are removed using a cotton ball dipped in acetone or a nail polish remover. Avoid pulling off the stickers because they can damage the nails.


Dip powders provide an easy way to achieve a perfect manicure. However, you do not have to visit the salon to get a manicure. You can acquire your dip powder kit and embark on an at-home DIY manicure. You need to know how to prep and dip nails, as well as how to apply the resin, the activator, and the top layer. If you still suck at it, you can opt for equally stylish nail stickers.