Facefacts Naturally Elegant

WELCOME to FACEFACTS where you will find all naturally elegant make-up. We utilize ingredients from around the world. We care about your well being, and that of our planet.

At FACEFACTS BY LORI, INC. your health and beauty are our priority. Our view of beauty and health is holistic. Any product that you eat or apply to your body should be as pure as possible. Use our superior products to reveal and celebrate your inner beauty while helping you look your best. We strive to delight you by listening to you, and by delivering a degree of quality and value few people expect from a 100% natural beauty product. Whatever it takes to gain and retain your trust and loyalty, we will do.

FACEFACTS BY LORI, Inc. is staffed by real people who endeavor to respect the planet and all its inhabitants through engaging in socially responsible practices and processes, thereby minimizing our ecological footprint and enhancing our environment for generations to come.