Stunning White Nail Designs to Try

By now, you probably know that there are distinct ways to accessorize your fingertips. Ranging from French manicure to polka dots, the list of the possible designs is endless. But have you ever wondered how your nails would look like if you gave them the look of a blank canvas? Well, this design can be achieved by trying out a white manicure. The design you seek can be found in almost all sorts of nail polish brands, as most of them have a white color for those who desire a chicer look. Even nail powder polishes such as Kiara sky nails, SNS, and DND nail polish, among others, have a white color to suit your needs. All you need is to cruise through the available nail colors, and you will not lack a white dip powder color from your favorite dip powder brands like SNS or a gel color from your favorite gel brand colors like DND gel polish colors to give you a look you desire.

White and Gold Nails

White nails are just fine but adding a twist of gold makes them more admirable. The design relies on perfect cut-outs to produce the desired manicure. Furthermore, you can achieve the design and more depth by introducing a baby pink detail. The boho-inspired design can also be achieved by using just two colors. If you have been looking for a fancy event design like a wedding or photoshoot, this design will give you an unmatched allure. (more…)

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Best Morning Face Wash

Top 6 Best Morning Face Wash: That’ll Totally Transform Your Skin

Starting your morning with a fresh splash of water is an excellent way to wake up your skin. If you continue it with a face wash that addresses your skin issues, it gets the morning medicine and works effectively on the problems.

Face wash not only address your skin issues but also give you radiant skin. The youthful-looking skin brings about the new confidence out of you and makes your day better.

Bliss Fab Foaming 2-In-1 Cleanser & Exfoliator

Amazon best-selling product B000I1Y75K

The Bliss fab foaming morning face wash contains bamboo buffers, and it cleanses as well as exfoliates while you use it. This dual-action cleansing gel contains soothing botanicals and is super gentle on your skin. It keeps you fresh all day long and uses no harmful chemicals. It is the best cruelty-free facial wash as it is not tested on animals and is certified from PETA.

InstaNaturalFacial Cleanser – Vitamin C Face Wash

Amazon best-selling product B00VMYKCL0

The anti-aging face wash with Vitamin C is an effective pore cleanser using organic ingredients. It reduces wrinkles, blemishes and clears the excess oils giving you fresh and bright skin every morning.

The nourishing effect of tea tree oil and aloe vera gives your skin the much-required boost of hydration and moisturizes it along with exfoliation and cleansing action. The deep penetration action of the antioxidants nourish your skin from inside and strengthen it, making it healthier and glowing.

RD Alchemy 100% Natural & Organic Vitamin C Cleanser

Amazon best-selling product B08652ZKP9

The vitamin C loaded dark spot remover facial cleanser offers you bright skin by minimizing the hyperpigmentation as you keep using it. It also prevents the formation of dark spots and treats melasma effectively using the natural ingredients extracted from lots of skin beneficial herbs and fruits.

This face wash successfully treats all kinds of blemishes like sun spots, aging spots, pigmentation, dirt, or any other brown spots formed on the skin. Hence this is the best face wash for dark spots that address almost all types of skin spots effectively. (more…)

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Best Facial Mask for Healthy Skin

Top 6 Best Facial Mask for Healthy Skin 2020

A facial mask is meant to achieve a gorgeous, radiant look and glowy skin, they do deliver instant gratification. However, facial masks depend on your skin type and goals as different people find different masks to work better for them. There are more diverse ways to apply face masks such as sheet, mud, and gel making them the foundation of any luxurious skincare routine. When you find the best face mask for your skincare routine, healthy wonders will happen to your skin. mentioned below are the best facial mask for healthy skin.

Hydrogel Imprinting Masks

Amazon best-selling product B07Z3V5MCP

Hydrogel imprinting masks give maximum hydration by replenishing your skin with hyaluronic acid. The acid is found naturally in younger skin and retains an impressive amount of moisture of up to 6 liters of water in one gram. This product reduces wrinkles appearance and boosts collagen intensity by 33% after 12 weeks. The intense and instant results are made possible by deep penetration of humectants such as plant-derived and pharma-grade glycerin that mimics the natural moisturizing factor of the skin.

Pure Biology Clay Face Mask

Amazon best-selling product B07ZPCKSR8

It is one the best face mask for oily acne skin because it tightens, detoxifies, and gives a deep pore cleansing moisture that is essential for oily skin. Acne is caused by genetics and is related to the excess production of sebum in the skin. The face mask removes impurities and dirt with the help of activated charcoal while the apple cider vinegar unclogs pores. This allows your skin to have a normal PH level and keeps you looking young.

Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud

Amazon best-selling product B07R56QYWH

This facial mask is infused with tea tree oil that is meant to detoxify and nourish while keeping the skin calm. It provides nourishment for all skin types since it has dead sea mud that contains salt and beneficial minerals to help in blood flow stimulation. A potent ingredient that has antibacterial properties is combined with tea tree oil to fight acne, remove blackheads, and whiteheads on your skin. (more…)

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Best Tattoo Aftercare Product

Top 7 Best Tattoo Aftercare Product That You Should Use for 2020

Soon after your a fresh tattoo, you need to maintain it with care for keeping the tattoo crisp. Having the best tattoo aftercare product that you should use will heal your tattoo without a hiccup. Yes, it is possible with the help of the natural ingredients slow infused salves and the gentle foam cleansers and many more custom use products.

You can also tan safely without letting your tattoo fade by using the aftercare tanning lotion. Moisturizing lotion to healing ointment, you name it you got it. Just check the below list if you can’t wait anymore.

Ora’s Amazing Herbal Tattoo Aftercare Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B00FOXOV9O

The base oil is infused with herbs and made in small batches to maintain quality. This slowly infused oil with organic herbs makes your tattoo less itchy and helps it to heal faster. It can heal the fresh wounds and helps to maintain the health of the tattooed skin, as the scarred skin is easily prone to infections.

You can also use it to heal minor scrapes, burns, bruises, and bumps on the skin in daily life. It is free of all types of synthetic materials and harmful chemicals. No petroleum or dye products are used in making this tattoo salve.

EH Get Ripped Cooling Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection

Amazon best-selling product B006CREY02

Tanning and tattooing counteract each other, and when you want to have one, you need to give up the other or settle for less quality of each of them. But that is all an old scenario now. With cool bronzers in place, you can look super tanned as well as keep your tattoo from fading.

This oil-free bronzer provides tattoo fade protection by nourishing it and gives a longer tan by stimulating the tyrosine. Hence this is one of the best tanning lotions for tattoos that aid in tanning and tattoo protection.

Nat-A-Tat2 Organic and Vegan-Certified Foam Cleanser

Amazon best-selling product B071D6LMDM

Fresh tattoos are easily susceptible to leakage when cleaned with harsh cleaners. But they need frequent cleaning to keep them away from infections. For healthy healing and to keep the tattoo intact, you need to use a gentle wash that can be directly applied to the tattooed area. This foam cleanser is a gentle organic wash that fits the criteria. The vegan and cruelty-free certified tattoo aftercare foam maintains your skin’s health. (more…)

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Red and Blue Light Therapies Are Skin’s New Magic Erasers

Phototherapy is making use of light to cure or manage health issues. Red and blue light therapies are currently in use for skin-related issues. Blue light can also help psychological issues and is a side effect of less treatment.

The phototherapy can be done at a dermatologist or at the comfort of your home using safe devices that are easy to use, by choosing them intelligently.

Blue Light Therapies

Red Light Therapy

Skin issues like wrinkles and scars can be well managed using best at-home red light therapy.  The extensive uses of red-light therapy are exhaustive, yet I can give you an idea of where red-light therapy is used. The salons use red light to address wrinkles and stretch marks, and the doctors may use it for treating wounds, psoriasis, and even for alleviating post-chemo effects.

How Does It Work?

The red light stimulates the energy-carrying molecule of the cell, implying more energy allowing the skin to repair damaged cells and up the game.

Is It Dangerous?

The red-light therapy penetrates only up to 5mm into the skin, whereas laser reaches a harmful level of penetration according to its power. Though laser emitting light is also red, they both differ in their penetration power.

What Are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

The benefits of RLT are as mentioned below.

  • Repairs skin tissues and helps in healing wounds
  • Hair growth even when lost it due to medical conditions.
  • Temporary relief to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • reduces psoriasis lesions

What Else Should You Know about Rlt?

Red light is used for cancer as a catalyst for medication but does not have any own effect by itself. Generally, it is also found in gyms, spas, salons, and many other cosmetic application places. Phototherapy is valid only after a few sessions, and going to a doctor for every sitting is not possible for you, then consider doing it at home. You can try out the best at home red light therapy without any side effects if used as instructed. Eyes are vulnerable to red light, so keeping them protected during sessions is essential.


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Treat Your Skin the Korean Way

In recent times, Korean skincare has caught the global eye. Mixing traditional secrets with the modern cosmetic market, the Korean skincare routine is a must-try if you want visible glowing results. Koreans traditionally follow an elaborate morning as well as a nighttime routine. This may feel exhausting but it is worth the effort if you want healthy, beautiful skin. Here is a quick guide through a typical routine.

Korean sunscreen

Start Your Day with these Basic Steps of Korean SkinCare

  1. The very first thing to do on waking up is rinsing your skin using only water.
  2. Then apply a toner to hydrate your skin pores.
  3.  Layer this using an essence.
  4.  Then apply some ampoule if your skin needs a serum booster.
  5.  If not, you can proceed to apply serum on your skin.
  6. Next, treat your eyes with some eye cream. Most Western skincare routines overlook this in the morning but this will benefit your eyes all day.
  7. Moisturise with a product that has long-lasting hydration before applying the most important last layer, the Sunscreen. Or simply use a moisturizer with SPF. The market is full of quality Korean sunscreens. Choose one suited to your skin type and budget. A good sunscreen helps protect the skin from the harmful UV rays and works as an anti-aging agent. Even the hastiest Korean skincare routine in the morning is sure to include the use of sunscreens.
  8. Use quality make-up if you must wear make-up. Otherwise, let your skin breathe naturally.
  9. Frequently hydrate your skin using mist-sprays on humid days.


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How to DIY a Dip Powder Manicure like Salon Professionals

It is the dream of every person to get a transformative manicure that makes one a luscious pearl and everyone’s object of desire. Such manicures remained an illusion for the better part of history until dip powders were discovered. At the time of their historical discovery, the popularity of gels and acrylics was unmatched. After almost four decades, the formulas used in dip powders were revised and improved, providing the manicure with the ability to last longer, strengthen the nails, and eliminate the pungent smell, and use skin-nourished components. Also, different dip powder nail kits such as SNS powder colors and OPI dip nails were introduced. It is due to these upgrades that dip powder designs have engraved their alluring effects into the hearts of manicure lovers.

Visiting salons and having to wait on long queues has become nearly impossible. However, it is possible to enjoy a dip powder manicure without visiting a nail parlor. You only need to know how to DIY. This article proves that you can beat the professionals in their games by harnessing the elegance and perfection of dip manicures at the comfort of your home.

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Are You Suffering from Sensitive Scalp Issues? No Problem, Anymore!

Many of us have sensitive skin type, which leads to several common medical problems. Mainly the skin results in high inflammation or dangerous reactions when coming in contact with any external product. While choosing the sensitive skin or hair product, we recommend seeking the doctor help first. Often when you apply any beauty product after reading the review, it may cause a burning sensation. To avoid such conditions, you have to be very careful.

sensitive scalp issues

What Causes Irritation or Scalp Problems?

Not always, the products affect your skin. There are varied factors that lead a skin or scalp reactions. Often scalp diagnosis have found bacteria and dandruff grow because of the following reasons:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bad diet conditions
  • Deficiency in vitamins
  • Excess salt intake
  • Pollution
  • Chlorine in Water   

Treatments Through Medicines

If you are visiting the doctors, they will check the amount of your skin sensitivity. Then they might prescribe you the medications accordingly. There are specific steroid creams, which are used on the face that helps in itching reduction.

Again, oral antihistamine or analgesic lotions or creams are used to relieve the burning sensation.  Even they help an individual recover from allergies that might have caused due to any cream or spray usage.

Dermatologists have also referred to the scalp of the individuals, often results in irritation. Excessive rashes or itchiness may convert it to various scalp diseases. Psoriasis, hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. are a few common names you may hear due to sensitive scalps. For these conditions, you may use the best psoriasis shampoos, which have no parabens, sulfates, etc.


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Facefacts Naturally Elegant

WELCOME to FACEFACTS where you will find all naturally elegant make-up. We utilize ingredients from around the world. We care about your well being, and that of our planet.

At FACEFACTS BY LORI, INC. your health and beauty are our priority. Our view of beauty and health is holistic. Any product that you eat or apply to your body should be as pure as possible. Use our superior products to reveal and celebrate your inner beauty while helping you look your best. We strive to delight you by listening to you, and by delivering a degree of quality and value few people expect from a 100% natural beauty product. Whatever it takes to gain and retain your trust and loyalty, we will do.

FACEFACTS BY LORI, Inc. is staffed by real people who endeavor to respect the planet and all its inhabitants through engaging in socially responsible practices and processes, thereby minimizing our ecological footprint and enhancing our environment for generations to come.

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